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#OmacTeam journey continues with our Indonesian Partner PT TRANS ELECTRIC
A Family owned business, started in 2009 from the idea of the Tan’s: Thomson, John and Fordson, young Indonesian brothers, with Chinese origin, and high entrepreneur vocation. Started as a high voltage electrical products training business, they are since 9 years valuable partners of Omac for the Indonesia projects.
Smart, young, and curious the brothers answer to our questions giving a clear picture of a valuable collaboration!
How did you start and what's your strong point now?
PT Trans Electric was started in 2009 when the Indonesian government put a high focus on building infrastructure. Now we distribute electrical fittings, accessories, power lines installation tools and machinery. We work with established suppliers from several countries such as China, Italy, Japan, and Canada.    
Our strong point... well, besides supplying reputable products to our customers, we are service and task oriented. Responding to customers' after-sales promptly is equally important as sales.  
Further, we should say that over the years, we have acquired much field knowledge and this enables us to provide fast and viable solutions to our customers.
Why Omac?
We have had the pleasure to work with Luca Cantamessa for the past 8 years or so. He gives us confidence that Omac is always ready to provide us good support in terms of sales as well as after-sales. They are reliable and this makes the difference.
The worldwide situation seems quite uncertain now, which scenario do you see for the future?
Recent Covid19 pandemic is a threat to the Indonesian government infrastructure development. We hope the pandemic can be controlled so that the wheels of the economy can turn again. This is of course what we all hope, but to be more focused, the power utility has been our main market of customers in the past years, our new challenge could be to look into other sectors such as telecommunication and railway sectors for new growth.
These are the positive words of our Indonesia partner of PT TRANS ELECTRIC.
Stay tuned for other stages of our #OmacTeam journey all over the world.