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Our well-known skilled service is now at your complete disposal, from everywhere!
An Online Service available for you in three different levels, based on your real need.

The usual proficiency and availability, the technical skills and tips can be completely at your hand by choosing one of the below OMAC SERVICE-DIGITAL CONSULTING AND TRAINING PACKAGES.

•   5 hours package _ for online general service.
•   6 hours package _ for intensive technician training.
•   10 hours package _ for new machines commissioning, and detailed service.

If you find our above solutions do not fit your need, we have what you need.
1-hour FREE online consulting for quick technical tips or issue on Omac machines, new or bought in the past 5 years.

Pick the most suitable offer and take contact with MR. Filippo Alebardi: service@omac-italy.it

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