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Omac believes in a Greener world, less polluted and more conscious. We develop and create sustainable solutions for your stringing, underground and railways machineries.
Starting from an electric engine you can involve yourself in the real green change for your own company and for the environment.
Electric engines are currently release less ozone and air toxins over their life than a petroleum or diesel engine. Does this mean that they are much better for the environment, well yes?
The plus of electric engines is the way they improve air quality.  Research of emissions on standard engines, confirm that over a year, just one electric motor on one site can save an average 1.5 million grams of CO2.
Of course, to have a bright picture we need to consider that to produce electric engines we require a lot of energy. The emissions made during the construction of an electric motor will in general be higher than the ones to create a traditional engine However, as innovation advances, this is improving, with progressively effective efficient manufacturing techniques, the measure of emissions produced during the creation of batteries will improve and become much more efficient.
Research by the European Energy Agency found that, even with electricity generation, the carbon emissions of an electric engine are around 17 – 30% lower than driving a petrol or diesel. The emissions from electricity generation are also dramatically improved when low carbon electricity is used.
Then, if we are talking about carbon emissions, fuel efficiency, noise pollution, and air quality, Electric engines are clearly the outright winner.
In the need of a greener world, and less polluted environment, OMAC dvp its UP50-E fully sustainable.
Look at the features of Full Electric Puller UP50-E by Omac here:

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