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Nowadays, in the industrial world, you can easily hear about 4.0 technology, but what does this exactly mean, how is it started?

Commonly, stringing machinery have been produced with hydraulic and mechanical components, of course with technological research, but, as required by the market, with not specifically sophisticated elements. In the last 5 years, the real change has started.
The worldwide industrial evolution leads to the 4.0 and involves also the stringing sector.
This is the beginning of the electronical components and tools introduction in the actual stringing, underground and railways machinery.

Omac always played an active role in the technology evolution, creating high-tech machinery, and being among the first companies in the stringing sector to propose HMI sytems to allow easy communication between the users and the machineries.
Omac new electronical frontier is called OLS, OMAC LINK SYSTEM, a real 4.0 technology tool available, upon request, on all the machineries of the range.

To discover the details of our OLS, take a look here:

OLS - Omac Link System
4.0 HV Transmission Line Stringing